• Are accountable to the organisations that issue them with their credentials (and to the law) for all use of such credentials and any activities undertaken with the authority of those credentials. In particular, users must not allow their own credentials, or network access authenticated by them, to be used by others. If the user believes that their credentials may have been compromised the user concerned must immediately report this to their home organisation;
  • Must abide by restrictions applied by the home organisation and by Janet, including Acceptable Use Policies, Computing Regulations and Disciplinary Codes. Restrictions imposed by the visited organisations must also be respected. Where Regulations differ, the more restrictive applies;
  • Must follow instructions provided by their home organisation to verify that they are connected to a genuine eduroam service providing adequate security before entering their login credentials;
  • Must act immediately on requests by authorised staff of the visited or home organisation that relate to their use of the eduroam service.
  • At the end of their association with their home organisation,┬ámust remove the eduroam profile from all devices that have been used to connect to the eduroam service and must not attempt to continue to use the service.